Gymnastics wins first medal in Kljugiad 2

We achieved our team gymnastics first medal in the second Gulf Arab sports tournament school “Khljugiad 2,” which began its rivals yesterday, and will continue until tomorrow, with the participation of eight Gulf states, and came first medal, a bronze in the team competition for gymnastics which was held yesterday hall Salahuddin Palmmzr, crowned Iraq gold medal with 275.6 points, and Saudi Arabia came in second place with 270.95 points, and the same team with Qatar in third place with 268.35 Nqth.mentbna gymnastics bronze in his coronation

In the individual competition, the country Ruslan Anis Saoud won a gold medal with 94 points, came the Iraqi Mohammed Ali Hanash in second place with 93.9 points, and country Tamim Massad منتخبنا للجمباز في تتويجه بالبرونزية Hussein in third place with 93.3 points.

And Khalid Algillana national team school gymnastics coach, to win the bronze medal is an important result for the players and the incentive for good to them in order to continue the practice of this sport in the school environment, thanks to climb on the podium back to the Ministry of Education, which has made great efforts to equip our team to this tournament as the UAE does not have a special union in this game.

He pointed out that the climb to the podium will spur officials to expedite the formation of the Federation of Gymnastics even embraces the talents and develop their abilities.

Participates Emirates two teams in gymnastics in the categories of under 14 years and under 12 years, and is formed each of the five players, will play teams preliminaries and final teams, as well as the singles final year and final devices in competitions rug and pommel horse and a table jump and parallel and throat and mind

Bet on school

For his part, he praised Dr. Ahmed Saad Al Sharif, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, who attended the opening ceremony of the session Emirates host, stressing the importance of events such as this, with its lofty educational goals enhance communication sports and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the people of the Gulf, especially as they make up hope and the future of sports Gulf. He said: «always bet on sports school building my athletic sense, because the من منافسات الجمبازfuture of any sports sector depend on the interest of states and school sport, being the source of the talent on the level of each individual and collective games». Sharif congratulated the Gulf Regulatory Commission school sports on Tnzimmn gymnastics competition

The second edition of “Khljugiad 2”, and constantly constructive activities that serve the sports renaissance Gulf Arab states, and expressed his wishes for the participating delegations and the players and the players every success in competitions.

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