School sports and the challenges of change in the Arab world

Faculty of Physical Education for Boys in pyramid ,Helwan University in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Universities and the Arab Union for Physical Education and School Sports in Rabat organize the sixteen International Scientific Conference under the title “school sports and the challenges of change in the Arab world” from 6 – 8 November in Movenpick Hotel in Media Production City under the auspices of D / Ashraf Chihi Minister of Higher Education and scientific research, and Dr. Hilali Sherbini and minister of education and technical education, and Dr. Hisham Zazou Minister of Tourism and Khalid Abdul Aziz, Minister of youth and Sports, Dr. Jalal Mustafa Said Governor of Cairo, D / Yasser Sakr president of Helwan University.

He pointed prof / Mohamed Abdul Majid Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education that the conference aims to work on school sports put at the center of educational and political attention because school sports demand educator as the primary prevention of future problems factor also aims to emphasize the role of school sports in Education social, political and sports

D / Mahmoud Sayed Hashim Professor, Department of Sport elderly and director of the conference said that the conference is working to support the Egyptian Arab communicate through rectify the physical education and sports problems at the Arab school sports, in particular, the level of

He pointed out that the conference embraces a group of professors, scientists and researchers from all Arab countries, where the share of both the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, Palestine, Algeria, Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Libya and Egypt

The conference includes a range of themes and discusses the first axis problematic school sports and develop the curriculum classic dock with the future in line with modern educational concepts and develop follow-up methods and Calendar physical, health and sports for students and the contribution of school sports in solving the health and strength and nutrition problems among students

And discusses the second axis of school sports in the context of the local community and the relationship between the physical education teacher, parents, and how to contribute to sports school in solving community service

And it includes a third axis of the Conference school sports in the face of problems, delinquency and the roles of school sport in the face of behavioral and societal deviation among students through a review of successful experiences in the face of delinquency and problems and includes the fourth prospects of cooperation and deepening relations between the Arab states in school sports support axis and discusses the fifth axis problematic physical exercise and sport non-school recreation

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