The school team of combat games travels to the World School Championship

بطولة العالم للألعاب القتالية

July 11 update: UAE team won Judo silver medal

July 10 Update: Silver and three bronze medals for the Taekwondo team at the start of the competition

Our national team For Combat Games ( judo – taekwondo) began its competitions at the World Schools Championships, World Championship For Combat Gamesin New Delhi, which has 580 players from 16 countries, led by the UAE and the only Arab country, as well as the hosts India, Brazil, France, China and Russia, the largest delegations participating in the championship, which includes self-defense games, including karate and wrestling , While the UAE shares judo and taekwondo.
The mission of our team participated in the opening ceremony yesterday, amid the presence of a large number of sports officials, the only Arab mission has found a great welcome from the fans.
The event, which will be hosted by the Indian capital New Delhi, will continue until next Thursday. The delegation is headed by Ahmad Abdulrahman Ahmed, member of the Association’s board of directors. The judo team participates in the World Sports Championship for Schools in coordination between the Wrestling Federation and Judo Federation. The selection of these players came from the recent school Olympics in Dubai, and the global school participation was followed by the transition to the judo judo competitions, according to the schedule.

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