Global Achievement: 9 colorful medals for UAE school sports

In a new achievement for the UAE school sports, the first on the international level, the UAE Delegation participated in the World School of Combat Games in India, a great achievement by winning nine medals in a variety of competitions in the tournament which takes place from 07 – 15 July 2017 in Agra – India, International School Sports federation, with the participation of six countries – India, the host country, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, France, China and Russia.

The UAE Taekwondo team opened the competition with two silver medals and five bronze medals with a third place at the team level, while judo won one silver medal through student Khalifa Al Hosani in a weight under 73 kg after losing to Brazilian Marcelo in the final.

The participation of the school team in the tournament as part of the plan of external partnerships of the school sports association year 2016-2017 in coordination with the Ministry of Education and sports associations concerned in order to provide opportunities for external participation of students distinguished athletes.

In addition to the competition, the joint training camp will be launched in all sports with the participation of all the teams in the championship, thus enhancing the bonds of the relationship and increasing the chances of exchanging experiences to achieve the goals of this kind of international school tournaments.

For his part, Marwan Al-Sawaleh, President of the UAE Sports association and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Academic Affairs, expressed his happiness with the achievement achieved, the first in the international level for school sports, which represents a qualitative leap in the achievements achieved, which gives an important indicator of the positive development of the strength for the school sports competitions The role played by the UAE School Sports Association is to improve the level of school sports in the country through the formulation of mechanisms that promote the preparation of distinguished generations in all games and sports competitions. Through the investment of schools in instilling the values ​​and culture of professionalism among our students to keep pace with and change the concepts of traditional ideas that have been dedicated to our sport. He also thanked the Ministry of Education for its unlimited support for school sports in general and for the School Sports Association in particular. Thanks to the UAE Taekwondo, Wrestling and Judo Associations for their active cooperation, which shows their deep understanding of the approach of partnership between the institutions of the sports community.

The Delegation of the UAE national school team consists of:

 Ahmed Abdulrahman, Member of the Board of Directors of the Federation and Chairman of the Technical Committee – Head of Mission, Dr. Salam Kareem, Mission Manager and judo referee, Mubarak Al Marashdeh, Taekwondo Team Manager, Abdulla Sorour, Taekwondo Coach, Noya Hirakuchi, Judo Coach.

Judo players

 (Khalifa Faisal Al Hosani / Silver – Musabah Abdullah Al Shamsi – Issa Mohammed Al Badri – Ali Hassan Aldermaki – Sultan Khaddoum Zaabi – Ahmed Mohammed Al Hosani – Ahmed Faisal Al Naqbi).

Taekwondo players

Mohammed Jamal Al Rumaithi / Silver – Mohammed Saeed Al Kindi / Silver – Abdullah Mohammed Abdulrahman / Bronze – Mansour Faisal Al Obaidli / Bronze – Ahmed Abdullah Al Hosani / Bronze – Hassan Ali Al Mesmari / Bronze – Omar Khaled Al Sumaiti / Bronze.

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