First B.O Director Meeting

HE Marwan Ahmed Al Sawaleh – Chairman of the UAE school sport Association the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association off the new cycle of 2016-2020.

At the beginning of the meeting President of the Association welcomed the new members and paid tribute to the colleagues of former members and the face of job letter of thanks to them for their efforts during their membership in the Association, has also been reviewing the ministerial decision to form a new board of directors, also praised the council meeting with the leaders of the Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare, which was held at the headquarters of body and what resulted from the meeting of the views and directives for action in the next phase.

After an discussion of views between the members of the distribution of administrative positions among themselves, where it was agreed on the following:

  1. Mr. / Hassan Taleb Al Marri (Vice-President of the Association).
  2. Mr. / Hassan Mohamed Lootah (Secretary-General).
  3. Mr. / Obaid Humaid Alkaaoud (Financial Secretary).
  4. Mr. / Ahmed Abdul Rahman Ahmad (Head of the Technical Committee and activities).
  5. Ms. / Waheeda Abdulaziz Jassim (Head of the Marketing Committee).

That the technical committee activities include both

  • Ahmed Abdul Rahman Ahmad (Chairman)
  • Waheeda Abdulaziz (Supervisor on the activity of the girls).
  • Omar Abdel Rahman (Supervisor on the activity of boys).
  • Hassan Mohammed Lootah (Member)

As well as the marketing committee includes both:

  • Waheeda Abdulaziz (Chairman).
  • Hassan Taleb Al Marri (Member).
  • Omar Abdel Rahman (members).

 Then Ahmed Abdul Rahman presented activities of the Association plan for the year 2016-2017 as well as the posts of Foreign Affairs, as well as a clearer of the masters of the assembled Association’s efforts to join the AFC school sports, as well as have been put forward to change the Union name in English to be (UAE School Sport Association), were also discussed change the Union and organize a competition to design the logo under specified conditions.

The Council also agreed to establish a football championship in Fujairah, Khor Fakkan with guidance regardless cash rewards for the first places, as well as administrative staff supervisor.

With regard to the foreign office, the President of the Association send letter to  the National Olympic Committee to include a member of the Board of Directors of the new Office of thier Executive office, and the Association of Arab Each of Mr. / Omar Abdel Rahman’s nomination for membership of the Executive Office, Ms. / Waheeda Abdulaziz for membership of the special needs and the continuation of Mr. / Ahmed Abdul Rahman – Member of the technical Committee, and with regard to the organizing committee of school sport has been                            Ms. / Waheeda Abdulaziz nomination – for the position of Secretary-General of the Commission.

President of the Union speech as well as the face of the preparation of the Authority for Youth Welfare on the failure of the sports associations, unions, government and private bodies to organize any sports activity with schools without the approval of the UAE school sports.

At the end of the meeting thanked His Excellency President of the Council members and wished them success in their new assignments, and have them work collectively for boosting school sports, and the meeting ended promptly at 12:30 noon.

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