ISSA aims mainly to promote the sports school in the United Arab Emirates by organizing and coordinating educational activities and sports among his members and to have it published and upgrading technical and that by achieving the following objectives:

  • Establishing a mainstay of the national project for the development of sports for students of state schools.
  • Consecration of the values and principles of sports in the state to rehabilitate and prepare distinct generations of athletes in various sports and games.
  • Infrastructure for the sport in the country to support the rehabilitation and preparation of distinct generations of athletes in various sports games and competitions.
  • publish sports Culture among school students.
  • Contribute to the development of programs and curricula and methods of teaching physical education.
  • The development of plans and programs needed to improve school sports at all academic levels.
  • The development of plans for the establishment of playgrounds and school halls and sports arenas that provide practice of various sports and school activities in various parts of the state.
  • The application of the principle of control in the educational programs on sports activities undertaken by the Union.
  • Work on the number of sports cadres (technical and administrative) qualified for leadership and management of sporting activities in the Union.
  • Coordination and cooperation with various bodies and institutions and sports federations in order to achieve the development of the sports movement in the country in general and sports in particular school.
  • The formation, organization and leadership of the State missions to participate in sports tournaments and courses Foreign School.
  • To represent the UAE in various forums and school sport within and outside the state.
  • Organizing various research studies and conferences to discuss matters of school sports.