The sixth meeting discusses the External Participations

His Excellency Marwan Al-Sawaleh, President of the UAE School Sports Association, held the sixth periodic meeting at the Ministry of Education on 15 March.

HE/ Marwan Al Sawaleh – President

His Excellency the meeting opened with a review of the agenda of its various terms. The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted without any amendments. The revenues generated from the activity were also reviewed and the referees’ awards for the school championships were approved during the first and second chapters.

also reviewed the achievements achieved in the strategic objectives of the Association during the previous period and the measurement of the level of implementation and efficiency, and follow-up planning for the next period 2016-2020 where it was agreed to reconsider the formulation of strategic objectives to touch the actual reality of the work of the school Association.

For external participants, it was agreed to participate in the table tennis, badminton and jmansiad competitions organized under the auspices of the International School Sports Federation.

Mr. Omar Abdulrahman, Board of Directors Member, was also invited to attend the meetings of the General Assembly of the International Federation, which will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in May.

According to Mr. Ahmed Abdulrahman, Board of Directors member, on the visit of a delegation from the State of China to promote the hosting of the 18th International jmansiad at Jinjiang City in 2020, the visit is approved with the appointment of Mr. Hassan Talib Al Marri, -Vice president & Mr.Ahmed abdelrahman Chairman of the technical committee in coordination and preparation for the visit.

At the end of the meeting, the President of the Council praised the signing of the agreement with the Organizing Committee for the Special Olympics for the Ninth Regional Games in Abu Dhabi. He also devoted all the potential of the school union to the success of the Special Olympics and thanked the attendance.

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