Tough Girls Made Of Steel

Trabzon – They are young and beautiful. They are also stronger and tougher that they might appear. Let us introduce you the girls of Gymnasiade 2016, who decided to break down myths about “men sports”!

“Wrestling is a good preparation for life, it makes you stronger and healthier,” says Elizabet, 18  Elizabet & Aicha from Hungaryyears old wrestler from Hungary who won a silver medal at the Gymnasiade. Her father is a former wrestler, so she knew she wants to follow in his footsteps. “But if I have a daughter in a future, she will do sports for girls,” Elizabet adds in laughter, as she would already suspect that her family wrestling history could repeat.

Her Hungarian colleague, 18 years old Aicha, started doing karate at the age of five. “Karate is a part of my life. My team is my second family that I grew up with,” she admits. “I tried many sports, ballet, basketball, but karate is what I love the most. It motivates me, gives me energy. Aicha’s biggest dream is to get to the Olympic games in 2022 and she seems pretty determined to achieve it. In Kumite karate, she reached to bronze.

Apoorva is a 17 year old fragile girl from India who decided to do wrestling after watching the Apoorva from IndiaOlympic games as a kid. “I like wrestling because it’s a tough sport and not many girls do it which makes it unique.” Apoorva claims she is lucky to do whatever she wants because of her supportive family. “But there are many problems that girls are facing in India. Many parts of India don’t allow girls to practice the same sports as boys do.” Apporva wants to be a successful wrestler, but in her private life, she loves to be a lady. “Sometimes I like to put make- up on and dress up,” says
Apoorva with a smile on her face.

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